We are offering very fine quality Sesbania Seeds to our all reliable clients internationally at very competitive price. Sesbania is a fast growing perennial, evergreen legume tree. It is a vigorous-growing, annual legume that thrives in warm weather. Its botanical family/name is Brassica Nigra Family.
It is grown mainly in Pakistan, mostly in Sindh Province, Punjab Province and KPK Province of Pakistan. Sesbania is a multipurpose and supportive crop that is ruthlessly grown in Pakistan because of its economic values. It is also known as super-saline grass because it has improved the quality of the soil to prepare it for planting other crops after the Sesbania harvest.

Sesbania is a valued fodder and also valuable as a green manure or cover crop. It is great for duck marshes and quail. Sesbania makes a good cover for ducks and upland game birds, growing as high as 8-12 feet. It is one of the finest quality quail foods available. It grows on both kind of dry and wet areas, but best in moist, heavy lands though will grow more in moist soils.

When using Sesbania for green manure, it should be plowed under in 8 to 12 weeks. Sesbania is great for biomass, soil sweetener, or summer cover crop for winter vegetable crops. As the core crop Sesbania incorporates nitrogen and organic matter into the soil, Sesbania produces nitrogen fixing nodules in its roots and vapors. Its stems provide a strong durable fiber used in the paper industry and said to be superior to jute fiber for water-related activities.

Sesbania is also used as human food. The leaves, flowers, pods and cracked seeds of this plant are edible. Tender leaves, green flowers and green fruits are eaten as a vegetable or mixed in curries or salads.